How to Derive Fast Withdrawals in China

CDSL Easi allows BOs to view multiple demat accounts through one login ID, as well as monitor corporate announcements related to securities held in these accounts. They may even download holding and transaction details of these demat accounts if desired - useful for updating backoffice systems. Consequently, this software proves particularly helpful for BOs who manage a large number of investors and need an efficient tool for smooth operations.

Deposit and withdraw easi using secure and fast money transfers

Depositing and withdrawing funds with easi is a fast, secure, and convenient process that usually takes only minutes. Just enter your recipient's debit card number to deposit money directly into their bank account - typically taking only minutes! However, be aware of fees, limits, and other holds that may apply. Alternatively, write them a check; although checks are generally safe and efficient methods of sending money, they can take up to two days for processing, so it's best to complete transactions early in the day. If you have any queries regarding this process, contact us for further guidance.

Supports major banks in China

China's financial sector has transformed from being a state-owned and policy-driven industry during the early opening up and reforming period to one of the world's largest. It is now highly diversified and competitive, featuring an increasing number of private commercial banks and county banks specializing in rural banking and financial services.

A major challenge facing the Chinese economy is that decades of government-directed lending have resulted in an accumulation of non-performing loans, mostly mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and real estate loans. Many of these are now being transferred to asset management companies (AMCs). AMCs are then repackaging them into viable assets that investors can purchase.

With the economy slowing down, borrowers will face greater difficulties repaying their debts. This could lead to an increase in non-performing loans and deterioration in loan quality. Furthermore, this puts additional strain on small and regional banks that rely heavily on deposits for funding their operations and are especially vulnerable to deposit runs.

In late 2016, the Chinese government introduced a scheme to allow foreign banks to open retail commercial operations in China through joint ventures with the People's Bank of China (PBC). This will increase global competition into the market and may reduce leverage within the banking system.

Meanwhile, as China's economy remains stagnant, local bank runs are becoming more frequent. These incidents typically stem from corruption and lack of regulation at the local level.

MNCs and foreign investors alike should be mindful of this issue. They should stay abreast of regulatory shifts, collect intelligence on potential reforms, and cultivate strong relationships with local banking entities.

The Henan crisis serves as a stark illustration of the potential hazards that can arise when regulations aren't followed. A private investment firm that owns four village and town banks in Henan province has been accused by regulators of illegally taking money from savers through internal and external collusion, use of third-party platforms, and fund brokers.

The Henan case has revealed that China's government is powerless to stop corruption at the local level, which not only damages the country's economic stability but also makes it harder for China's banks to remain profitable. This poses an increased risk of deposit runs across other regions across China.

Fast withdrawals

Fast withdrawals are essential, particularly in the world of cryptocurrency. Depending on where you reside and how your bank processes transactions, the time it takes for your withdrawal to reach your account may differ significantly depending on factors like location.

At easi, we make it simple to transfer funds with our proprietary internal transfer process and ACH transfers. Plus, we provide one free withdrawal per month - an ideal way to add some fresh air to your wallet!

Besides these convenient options, there are other ways to withdraw your funds. We accept various payment methods like wire and e-wallet transfers so you can choose the most convenient for you.

For instance, if you live in the US and possess a valid banking ID, withdrawing funds to your local bank is usually much simpler. A wire transfer may cost more than an e-wallet transfer, but typically speaking you'll save money by opting for one over the other.

The e-wallet route is typically quicker than wire transfer, though it does incur a fee that depends on where you live and how your bank processes withdrawals. To maximize the benefits of an e-wallet, we suggest paying close attention to fees before signing up.

If you're uncertain which e-wallet option is ideal for you, take a look at our list of top rated e-wallets to find the best match. We regularly update our comparison chart so that you always receive the lowest rate from each provider. It's essential to note that not all e-wallets are created equal and we strive to offer high quality service while avoiding scams.