How to Derive User-Friendly Interface for Crypto Trading Platforms

No matter if you are new to crypto trading or an experienced trader, having an user-friendly interface can make all the difference. A friendly UI makes navigating your account, funding it, and starting trading much simpler.

Deriv provides a highly customizable platform for CFD trading on forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the firm has integrated its proprietary synthetic indices into the interface.


The MT4 platform is a robust and user-friendly trading platform, suitable for various strategies and skill levels. Traders have the freedom to customize the interface according to their individual preferences and strategies.

MT4 is a well-established forex broker platform, having been in operation since 2005 and offering various services like trading signals and Expert Advisors. Its straightforward user interface makes it ideal for novice traders to learn the ropes of trading while its advanced technical analysis capabilities enable seasoned investors to take their trading to new heights.

This platform supports a broad selection of instruments, such as forex, cryptocurrencies, precious metals and indices. Traders can utilize multiple time frames and access detailed information about their positions with ease. Furthermore, MT4's comprehensive tools and charts enable more precise market analysis - making it suitable for both novice and experienced investors alike.

It provides an impressive suite of analysis tools to help traders detect cycles and support/resistance levels, as well as the capacity to monitor prices over multiple timeframes - daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Furthermore, it supports multiple languages and has an integrated email service for notifications.

The MT4 platform also features order level lines to display stop orders in the market. These can be customized to match your chart's overall theme or the colour scheme set on your screen by opening the 'Properties' window with 'F8'.

In MT4, you can opt to hide order level lines so they don't disrupt your chart. To do this, uncheck 'Show' in the Options menu.

Once your trade size has been selected, click either 'Sell' or 'Buy' to place it. The volume of the trade (number of lots) will then be determined based on your chosen price setting.

Another useful feature that traders often rely on is the 'Spread' indicator, which displays how much a spread is on a particular time frame. This adjustable indicator can display the spread in either pips or direct amount.

MT4 also gives you access to your trade history, which is displayed as a simple indicator that shows the number of trades made and their status. Furthermore, this allows for monitoring both your account and other traders' trades - an invaluable way of recognizing trends.

MT4 provides a wealth of useful features, such as customising the appearance of charts and windows to make them more visually appealing and user-friendly. Furthermore, MT4 supports advanced charting techniques and indicators like candlesticks and fractals for even greater visual impact.


MT5 is an advanced trading platform designed to assist you with stocks, CFDs, Forex and futures trading. It also serves as the ideal platform for algorithmic trading and expert advisors (EAs).

MT5 boasts a more user-friendly interface compared to its predecessor MT4, making trading easier and faster for traders. Orders can be placed from any device while watching market movements in real time.

The trading interface is user-friendly and provides a range of tools, including advanced technical analysis. Additionally, it gives access to real-time news and alerts as well as an integrated economic calendar.

In addition to these features, MT5 boasts many more that make it the ideal choice for experienced traders. Notably, traders will find more than double the number of timeframes and two additional order types with enhanced risk management and trade entry points.

It is essential to note that MT5 was created with the aim of offering a more user-friendly interface for derivatives trading, making it beneficial for both novices and experienced traders alike. Many new traders often struggle with using the MT4 platform if they are unfamiliar with Forex trading, since this platform was designed with this in mind.

One reason is that MT4 was designed specifically for the Forex market, thus it doesn't provide a consistent solution when handling NA's. This can be discouraging to traders new to the platform who require an established solution.

MT5 provides more than 38 technical indicators to analyze price movements on the market. These indicators help spot various patterns and establish support and resistance levels, making them invaluable tools in recognizing market trends and forecasting price shifts.

MT5 provides 38 prominent indicators, such as Trend Indicators, Oscillators, Volume Indicators, Moving Averages, Pivot Points, B-Clock, Zig Zag, Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs), Renko charts and more.

Opening an account with MT5 is free and can be accessed from either a PC, mobile phone, or web browser - giving you the flexibility to trade from anywhere in the world.

Another advantage of MT5 is that it enables traders to trade Crypto currencies, making it an attractive option for investors in this market. Furthermore, the platform boasts multiple trading strategies which make automation of trades simple.

To trade stocks with MT5, you need to set up an order in the Order window. From there, you can determine your desired direction by looking at the chart or selecting the right instrument from a list.

AvaTrade's MT5 platform is accessible via desktop and mobile browsers, as well as a downloadable app. It is available in multiple languages and compatible with all major operating systems - plus, it's free to download and use!


When trading, user-friendly interfaces are essential for many reasons. They help traders quickly detect and assess market trends or provide quick access to critical data.

Furthermore, trading platforms can help you manage your risk more effectively. Some platforms provide tools that enable monitoring stake and payout correlation before placing a trade. Doing this gives you insight into how much you stand to lose if the prediction turns out wrong or how much profit you need for certain levels of gain.

Some platforms provide social trading features, enabling traders to connect and exchange experiences. This makes trading simpler for both novices and experts alike, as it gives them a better insight into what others are doing on the markets.

There is a wide range of trading platforms available, each with its own advantages for various traders. Some platforms cater specifically to certain groups like algorithmic traders who utilize automated strategies when placing trades.

Some platforms are tailored to a wide range of traders, such as cTrader. This user-friendly interface and advanced charting and analysis tools make it ideal for American traders who need to stay abreast of market developments and developments within their fields of expertise.

DTrader is a platform that enables trading without purchasing the underlying asset. It also has multiple trading types, such as options and multipliers. These trade types allow you to make profits by correctly predicting the price of an underlying asset; they're an excellent way to expand your overall portfolio.