Deriv Review - No Sign Up Bonus For New Traders

Deriv stands out among other online trading brokers by not offering a sign up bonus for new traders. This is because they prioritize providing superior tools and features to their clients.

Forex brokers frequently reward traders with trading bonuses as a form of incentive for referring friends or family to their platform. However, these usually come with strict conditions attached.

Deriv is an online trading platform

Deriv is a brokerage that allows traders to trade various instruments such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks and indices. Additionally, they provide access to numerous trading platforms and educational materials.

Traders can open an account at Deriv by visiting its website and registering using their email address. Upon completing registration, they will be sent a verification email which they can then use to log into their Deriv account and begin trading.

They can open a demo account to test their trading strategies before investing real money. This option is free and allows for practice without risking any money.

Once you're contented with the experience, you can switch to a live account and begin trading. However, in order to do this, a minimum deposit of $5 must be made in order to begin trading.

Deriv offers another great feature, allowing you to withdraw and deposit funds via various methods such as bank wire transfers, credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Most withdrawals and deposits are processed within one business day.

Deriv's outstanding customer support is complemented by its extensive educational resources for traders. These include guides and tutorials tailored specifically towards forex traders.

They provide various charting tools. These enable users to monitor the price of an asset as well as its history.

This feature is essential for both novice and experienced traders alike. It can help you detect trend reversals and decide which trades to enter.

Additionally, it can show you how to spot the highest and lowest prices during a given period. These features are essential in helping you accurately predict price movements and make profits.

The broker also provides leveraged trading, which permits traders to increase their investment in order to maximize potential profits from the market. Leverage ratios range from 50:1 to 500:1, typically used by those seeking to maximize their potential profits.

It offers a wide selection of derivatives

Deriv offers a comprehensive suite of trading tools and technologies designed to help you trade smarter, safer, and earn more money. The company is particularly well-known for its mobile app 'Deriv GO' which provides the same performance as the desktop version but can be accessed anywhere. Furthermore, Deriv provides educational resources to maximize your trading time.

One of the standout features of this broker is its impressive selection of indices and stocks, including some of the newest products available. For instance, they provide access to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), an industry first.

Deriv is ideal for all traders, from novice to expert. Its comprehensive selection of investment vehicles and top-notch customer support complement its impressive trading platforms.

Deriv offers a welcome bonus to new customers that will boost your account balance by an impressive 50%. It's worth remembering that this bonus is only valid for a certain period of time, so it's essential to select a broker with a generous welcome bonus carefully. Moreover, signing up for a demo account could be beneficial to test out your trading strategy prior to depositing real cash.

It offers a variety of trading tools

Deriv is a highly-rated broker with plenty of tools to assist traders. This includes various charts, indicators and chart studies, as well as Deriv's strategy server where you can construct automated trading systems.

Mobile trading provides traders with the added convenience of real-time market news and charts. This feature is especially beneficial for those who are frequently away from their desks or using multiple devices simultaneously.

The software's key benefit is its capacity for monitoring and managing exposure. You can create custom watchlists and view a chart of an instrument's performance. Furthermore, you have complete control over alerts based on criteria like price, time, or currency.

This feature is especially handy for risk management, as you can customize your alerts according to personal preferences. For instance, you could select to have an email sent directly to your inbox every time a trader executes a position within your chosen asset class.

With this feature, you can create a list of your most valuable investments and monitor their performance over time - both by time and price. It's an effective way to stay abreast of profitable investments while avoiding losses caused by unintended changes in the market.

Deriv offers a host of useful tools, such as its market analysis feature that lets you identify key trend indicators and retracements. Furthermore, you can create multiple watchlists to better focus your trades.

The great thing about this app is that it works across any device, from desktop to smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can download it for free onto an Android or iOS device - something rare these days.

Another impressive aspect of Deriv is their proprietary system for trading simulated markets. This innovation is secured by a cryptographically secure random number generator and allows traders to trade real-time prices without the usual risks involved with traditional trading. Plus, other cool features include quote display in real time, an integrated order book and trading journal which displays historical trends.

It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Deriv is a broker that offers numerous trading options. It's one of the few brokers that allow traders to deposit money and trade without risk. Furthermore, traders can earn additional rewards by referring others to the platform.

Traders must be aware that a broker's regulation is one of the most significant factors when selecting one. Furthermore, you should review any commissions or fees charged by the broker as these could influence your decision.

The FCA is a government body responsible for overseeing financial institutions in the UK. Its purpose is to safeguard public interest in these markets and guarantee firms adhere to existing laws and regulations.

Deriv is a regulated financial institution under the FCA's supervision. To remain in operation, Deriv must abide by an extensive set of rules and regulations that must be upheld.

The Deriv Group offers clients expertise in transactional derivatives, including equity, credit and total return products. Furthermore, they understand commodity, interest rate and foreign exchange hedges. Within the equity space, The Deriv Group has extensive knowledge of equity collar structures, total return swaps, share forward transactions and options, call spread and capped call transactions related to convertible notes as well as various hybrid structures.

They possess expertise in securities repo transactions and stock lending arrangements. Furthermore, the group provides regulatory and risk advice, supporting firms on a range of regulatory matters.

In addition to transactional and litigation matters, the firm's Derivatives Group frequently advises on regulatory changes, enforcement issues, and global regulations. They collaborate closely with the Firm's esteemed Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Group which has handled numerous high-profile agency actions while representing a range of clients.

The FCA is currently consulting with regulated entities and their clients regarding the implementation of the U.K.'s derivative trading obligation under MiFIR (Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation). They expect firms to take all reasonable steps to comply with this DTO by January 1, 2021, given market and regulatory developments. In response, it has issued no-action letters to UK market participants confirming existing staff relief related to issues such as introducing broker registration and swap data reporting, among others.