Deriv Review - Create Account Steps and Guide

Deriv is a broker that makes learning about trading easy for new investors. They provide a demo account with $10 000 in virtual funds so you can practice without risking actual funds.

Signing up for a Deriv demo account is easy with your Facebook, Google or Apple ID. Once completed, you'll be sent an email verification link to confirm your new account.

Signing up

Deriv is an online trading platform that provides trading services for various instruments, such as cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks. Clients can utilize various trading terminals on the site to trade these instruments as well as options. Furthermore, Deriv allows traders to create their own trading strategies including by using bots.

No matter your level of experience or knowledge, signing up for a Deriv account is easy. Simply create a profile on the website and choose one of many trial servers to trade with virtual funds and practice your trading strategies before investing actual cash.

To sign up for a Deriv account, the initial step is to confirm your email address. Do this by visiting your inbox and clicking on the link that reads "verify my email." Afterward, enter in your name, phone number, and address as requested.

Once verified, you can begin trading on the website. We recommend selecting a password that is at least 8 characters long.

If you're new to trading, signing up for a Deriv demo account is the ideal way to learn. This gives you the chance to practice with virtual funds and learn how to execute those strategies without risking any actual cash.

Signing up for a Deriv demo account is both effortless and free. The website provides you with $10 000 virtual demo balance to practice trading with, providing plenty of money to practice with. There are no fees or costs associated with running this account, plus it's simple to transfer from the demo to a live one.

Once you sign up for a Deriv account, you can deposit and withdraw funds the same way as with any real account. Alternatively, Deriv also provides cryptocurrency wallets or other methods of replenishing your balance that fit within the platform's capabilities.

Deriv is a well-established forex broker that provides various trading assets and platforms to suit different traders' needs. Its products include indices, CFDs, stocks, and digital options; additionally it has several tools like DTrader platform and DBot platform which allow users to construct automated bots. Furthermore, Deriv has multiple domain regulations as well as several risk management strategies in place so its clients are kept secure.


Create an account on Deriv and deposit funds into it. After that, you can begin trading. For any questions or issues that arise, feel free to reach out to customer support.

First, you must select a payment method for depositing funds into your Deriv account. Options include credit and debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets - the latter being particularly convenient as it enables transactions using personal information; however these may not be compatible with all countries.

Once you've chosen a method, you must verify your account. Doing this will guarantee the safety of any money transferred.

Next, you must choose your trading platform. Deriv offers a comprehensive selection of platforms, including industry-standard MetaTrader 5. With these platforms, you can trade currencies, stocks, commodities and indices with ease.

The broker offers traders a host of features and tools, such as a trading bot and pre-made strategies. Furthermore, you can request a demo account to practice trading without risking your own funds.

Furthermore, you can sign up for an affiliate program and earn commissions from referrals who trade with the broker. Your commissions are determined by your clients' monthly income as well as the type of affiliate program they select.

Additionally, you can utilize the Help Center to find answers to your queries about trading and opening an account. Moreover, you have the option of requesting a refund of your deposit if you're not satisfied with the service provided.

Deriv is overseen by several regulatory bodies, such as the Malta Financial Services Authority, Labuan FSA (Labuan Financial Services Commission) and Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. Furthermore, Deriv works closely with the Financial Commission which resolves disputes between brokers and their customers. This ensures traders receive up to 90% of their funds should the broker they're using go into insolvency or cannot reimburse them.


If you're new to trading, a demo account is recommended. This way, you can hone your skills and develop a strategy without risking real money investment. Once familiar with the Deriv trading platform, register for an actual account and begin trading!

Deriv's MT5 platform allows you to trade forex, indices and commodities. It boasts a host of features that make it user-friendly for beginners as well as experienced investors alike. Furthermore, you can trade cryptocurrencies and synthetic indices alongside creating custom watchlists to monitor progress.

Deriv's X platform lets you trade CFDs on various assets and currencies. It boasts 90+ indicators and 13 drawing tools, as well as the option to customize charts and widgets according to your trading style.

If you want to learn more about trading on Deriv, our tutorials, ebooks, webinars, and articles in the Deriv help center can provide invaluable information. They offer market news analysis and strategies that you can apply directly to your trades.

On Deriv, there are various currency pairs to choose from: major pairs such as GBP/USD and EUR/USD; minor ones like CAD/JPY and NZD/SGD; exotic pairs like GBP/TRY, EUR/NZD and AUD/TRY; plus forex basket indices which measure one currency's value against a group of other currencies.

Deriv is an international online brokerage firm offering access to various trading opportunities. It offers forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices and metals trading options as well as multiple payment agents for account replenishment or withdrawal earned funds.

Before you can begin trading on Deriv, you must open an account and fund it either with a credit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency. After your funding has been completed, select which trading platform you would like to use and set your password accordingly.

When selecting a trading platform, Deriv X or DTrader are two options to consider. Both provide an extensive array of trading possibilities including CFDs on forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

Customer support

Deriv is an online trading broker with a comprehensive feature set and user-friendly interface. Its customer support team works tirelessly, 24/7, seven days a week to assist clients with their queries and needs.

The company provides customers with several ways to contact their support team, including live chat and email. Traders can also submit a support ticket for fast assistance.

Once an account is created with Deriv, customers can use it to trade any asset: currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities and options. Furthermore, they have the option of depositing and withdrawing funds through various payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets.

Deriv offers no hidden fees for deposits and withdrawals, but there are certain conditions you should be aware of, such as minimum deposit requirements and crypto-related restrictions.

Start by opening a free demo account at Deriv to test out your skills and determine if the platform is suitable for you. After assessing both platforms, you can proceed to opening a real account and starting trading with actual money.

Additionally, you can join the affiliate program to earn commissions for referrals approved by the company. Your commission amount depends on both how many traders referred and their monthly income.

Deriv is a global trading platform that provides CFDs, forex, indices and commodities to millions of registered traders around the world. The company's products are secured with above-market money security, high liquidity levels, competitive fees and excellent support from experienced brokers.

The company offers a vast selection of trading terminals and supports multiple languages. Furthermore, they provide pre-made strategies and tools to assist traders in developing their digital option trading strategy.

They are regulated by various financial authorities, such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority, Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and Malta and Labuan Financial Services Authority. Furthermore, they provide an extensive Help Center with answers to customers' most frequently asked questions.

One of Deriv's standout features is its 'Deriv' one-stop account type, which gives customers access to multiple trading terminals for various trade types. This account type unites all their platforms in one convenient solution so new and existing customers can take advantage of competitive trading conditions regardless of experience level or style of trading. The 'Deriv' account makes for a great choice for all traders regardless of experience level or trading preferences.