How to Register For an Account With a Broker

Plus500 is an internationally regulated broker that offers trading in currencies, stocks and CFDs. It holds licenses in Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia.

Getting started with Plus500 is a snap. Just click the button to open a demo account and practice your trading skills!

1. Analyse trends

Plus500 is a trusted online broker regulated by multiple international financial regulators. It holds client funds in segregated accounts and holds registrations with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, Monetary Authority of Singapore and Australian Securities & Investment Commission.

Plus500 has earned a solid reputation among investors, making it one of the world's most popular trading platforms. Professional traders also hail it highly; both novice and expert traders alike find it to be an advantageous option.

To begin trading with Plus500, simply register an account by following a few easy steps. After your registration is complete, you can deposit money using any of the available payment methods such as PayPal, credit or debit card, Skrill, BPAY and bank transfer.

Once you have deposited funds, you can begin trading on the platform and embark on your journey towards becoming a successful investor. It is essential to remember that the market is dynamic; thus, staying vigilant is key. Furthermore, stay abreast of news and trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Trends are essential for traders as they help them identify the most promising opportunities in the market. This is especially relevant to day traders who seek to make quick profits.

Trend analysis is often done through charting. This method has become the go-to for spotting potential price movements and can be highly profitable in the long run if you know how to interpret them correctly.

Plus500 provides an impressive suite of charting tools to analyze markets from your mobile device. These dynamic charts can be expanded to full screen size, making it simpler to take in key information about a market.

You can track a range of indicators and technical levels to suit your needs. These can be adjusted easily according to your requirements, helping you predict market direction without needing to manually check it constantly.

2. See what other Plus500 traders are doing

Demo accounts are an ideal way to decide if you'll enjoy trading with Plus500. They're free and allow for practice CFD trading on currencies, commodities, indices and shares without risking your own funds. Furthermore, demo accounts give users the chance to become acquainted with the platform before they make their first real-money trade.

The Plus500 platform was created with ease of use in mind, making it ideal for new traders. It boasts a straightforward design that's user-friendly to navigate and provides all the essential features required.

Traders can access an economic calendar to stay abreast of key financial events that could impact their chosen instruments. This data is presented daily in a concise summary, and it can be invaluable when formulating trading strategies.

Another useful aspect of the platform is guaranteed stop losses, which are available on many markets. Unfortunately, they come with a higher spread than other types of stops and cannot be applied to transactions already underway - something traders who must constantly monitor their accounts may find frustrating.

Some markets charge an inactivity fee if your account hasn't been active for three months or more. This fee will be subtracted from your balance until it reaches zero, after which you must reapply to use the platform again.

Leverage can be intimidating for new traders, but it's something you must have if you want to succeed in trading. Plus500 provides leverage rates ranging from 1:30 for Forex trades up to 1:2 for cryptocurrencies (available subject to regulation).

The broker does provide some educational videos that explain trading, but the quality could be improved. Furthermore, it lacks news headlines and an education section which could have provided investors with more insights into the markets they trade in.

Additionally, the broker does not support automated trading. This means you cannot utilize third-party tools to automate your trades and any violation of this policy may lead to account closure.

Overall, Plus500 is a reliable broker that takes a global approach to regulation. It is regulated by multiple financial authorities such as CySEC and the UK FCA, boasting an excellent reputation among traders. If you're searching for a new trading platform, Plus500 should definitely be taken into consideration.

3. Try our free demo account

A free demo account is an ideal way to kick off your trading career. It enables you to trade with virtual money and explore all the features of a broker's trading platform without risking any real cash. Furthermore, it's an ideal opportunity to test new strategies and techniques before trading with actual funds.

If you're new to Forex trading, a free demo account can be the ideal way to learn the ropes before risking actual funds. Plus, with no time limits or expirations, there's no risk involved - giving you plenty of opportunity for experimentation and growth.

However, there are a few things to be mindful when using a demo account. These include:

Low Sample Size - Demo accounts aren't meant to be used throughout an entire market cycle, so the techniques you try out may not be as successful after one or two months of live trading in real money.

Execution - Demo accounts typically fill orders at the price shown onscreen, but live trading can have slippage and your trade may be rejected.

Portfolio Size - Demo software usually lets you choose how much capital to trade with, though this amount will likely be much greater than what you would use when trading on real markets.

Leverage - Some brokers provide increased leverage in demo accounts, which may be beneficial for generating additional profits but could lead to large losses when trading live.

To prevent this, research which brokers offer demo accounts and how they function before opening an account with them. For instance, some forex brokers require you to deposit real money before trading with demo funds. This way, you'll know exactly what kind of experience you can get before opening a trading account with them.

4. Open a live account

To start trading with Plus500, you need to register an account. Registration is a straightforward process that takes minimal time. After registration is complete, you can begin trading CFDs and Forex with your live account.

This broker provides an accessible interface and a broad selection of assets. It is regulated by various regulatory organizations such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority and CySEC in Cyprus.

Trading can choose from over 2,000 CFDs on shares, indices, currencies, commodities and even cryptocurrencies (subject to regulation). They have also developed a suite of tools for traders such as an economic calendar, information options and tutorials.

The platform is accessible in over 30 languages, and the company's support staff are always ready to answer your queries. Plus, it provides a demo account so you can test out the software before investing real money into trading.

Demo accounts are free to use and let you hone your trading skills without risking real money. With a demo account, you have unlimited usage time and there are no limitations on the number of instruments you can trade.

As a general rule, it's recommended that you use a demo account to test out your strategy before investing actual funds. Doing this will enable you to develop your own trading style and avoid making costly errors.

With as little as 100 EUR/USD/GBP you can open a live account. Leverage is set at 1:30 for Forex, 1:20 for commodities, indices and ETFs; and 1:5 for cryptocurrencies - an excessive level that could quickly lead to the loss of your capital.

Spreads on forex accounts are competitive, typically around 0.01 pips. However, you will have to pay an inactivity fee of US$10 if you do not log in for three months or more.

Plus500 is an ideal option for investors seeking low commission trading. It has a wide selection of assets to trade, and its user-friendly interface enables orders to be placed quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, Plus500 is regulated by multiple authorities and offers various payment methods.