The Best Trading Apps in South Africa For Technical Analysis 2023

Trading apps are an indispensable element of any trader's toolbox. They offer features that let you automate investments and copy trading strategies from experienced investors.

When searching for the ideal trading app in South Africa, you'll want one with a straightforward account opening process, an array of technical indicators, drawing tools and different chart types. These features will assist you in analyzing the market and pinpointing key trends.

Lightspeed Trader

Lightspeed Trader is a desktop trading app that offers technical indicators, drawing tools and various chart types for traders to analyze potential trades. Additionally, it supports trading with stocks, options and futures contracts.

This trading app is tailored to frequent traders and offers a high degree of customization. It supports various customizable screening criteria as well as access to third-party research through TipRanks.

Lightspeed Trader platform includes hotkeys to quickly select and cancel multiple orders. Furthermore, custom coding capabilities let users customize orders and routing options according to their preference.

To get started, create an account and make a deposit. From there you have three trading platforms to choose from.

New Lightspeed Trader, RealTick/Eze EMS and Sterling accounts will receive a 50% rebate on stock and options commissions for the first three months. This tier is available to customers who meet monthly volume thresholds; however, you must contact customer service in order to apply for the discount.

Non-institutional clients of the platform are charged a $25 minimum monthly commission fee. This covers both per share and trade costs, but does not include market data fees or other costs that would arise if you traded more than this minimum amount.

Traders may opt to pay a separate monthly fee to access advanced charting and order entry features with Lightspeed Trader; however, these costs tend to be low.

You can set up a recurring schedule that automatically executes your orders, making managing your trading workflow much simpler.

Furthermore, you can customize the size and layout of your charts. Furthermore, you can map a "Cancel Selected" command to an eligible hot key by assigning it from "Settings ---- Keyboard Tab".

The Lightspeed Trader app allows users to monitor market data in streaming mode, including time & sales and level II data for stocks and options. Its built-in alerts provide real-time notifications about price changes, while users can customize notifications.

Screener Plus

Screener Plus is a downloadable trading app that provides technical indicators, drawing tools and various chart types. It also has other useful functions like hedging system and automatic trading signals - making this an invaluable asset for traders looking to make additional profits on their trades.

This stock screener is perfect for both novices and professionals looking to find new stock ideas that meet their investment criteria. It provides various filtering options, plus you can save your results for later reference.

The software offers a range of technical indicators and drawing tools, from RSI and Bollinger Bands to Fibonacci Fans and Andrew's Pitchfork. Furthermore, you can configure live alerts so you are notified via email or popup when an indicator or trend line is breached.

There are various watchlists and scanners you can use to filter stocks for analysis. They can be configured by fundamental, technical or value criteria. Doing this helps avoid getting bogged down in the noise of the market and missing out on promising opportunities.

Another useful feature is the option to add tickers on an individual basis and verify if they meet a stock's criteria. Tickers will be highlighted in results, with a score showing how well they passed these tests.

Premium members gain access to an array of additional features, such as expert analysis and an exhaustive strategy database. Plus, they're part of a growing community of investors with similar interests in stock market investing.

It also offers a free version that can be used for an extended period of time, making it ideal for those just beginning in trading and research. The user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to get acquainted with stocks.

Charts and indicators abound on this site, which works on a credit system to allow users to run the screener at minimal cost. You can access it through either your browser or mobile device; plus you have the option to save and share results with friends and colleagues.

ESignal 12

ESignal 12 is a downloadable trading app that offers technical indicators, drawing tools and different chart types. It's popular among day traders. This downloadable platform can be installed on either PC or smartphone and provides access to global exchanges.

Intercontinental Exchange's (ICE) advanced trading software eSignal provides powerful drawing tools and technical analysis displays. Plus, it supports over 50 global brokers with various charting options available.

It boasts an expansive library of technical indicators, such as Elliott Oscillator, eXpert Trend Locator and False Bar Stochastic. Traders can create custom indicators, backtest and analyze trading strategies with live data while using live market data for practice.

The program's graphical display makes it simple to interpret market trends and spot profitable opportunities. Furthermore, you can create watch lists and set trade alerts with ease.

In addition to the standard bar chart, eSignal also offers tick, relative volume and time charts. Furthermore, you can set your charts to link together in multiple windows via symbol links that automatically mirror changes made in one window to all linked windows, and interval linking that ties multiple windows together by an interval.

Interactive Data's eSignal division provides real-time financial market data and top-notch solutions for active traders. It has earned several awards and is trusted by tens of thousands of traders around the world.

ESignal 12's main screener offers a powerful search engine that lets you filter stocks based on price, volume, open and close prices, dividend yield and many other criteria. From there you can sort the results to identify stocks that meet your criteria.

You can choose from a range of chart types, such as the 10-second replay chart. ESignal's visual display is simple to comprehend and customizable with variable scaling options.

Another useful feature is the Polyline tool, which draws multi-sided shapes on the chart. This can be helpful for pinpointing areas with narrow volatility or increasing volatility.

The tool also draws a polyline from the bottom to the top of a trend, helping you detect cyclical movements in prices. It may be particularly helpful for spotting Bullish Gartley patterns - when prices rise from their current low level and then reverse course and head back down again.


TradeStation is an impressive trading platform with a comprehensive set of technical indicators, drawing tools and chart types. Additionally, it provides services and educational resources for traders and investors alike.

RadarScreen, its stock screener, is an excellent way to identify stocks and ETFs with high-probability trade opportunities based on technical and fundamental criteria. It can track up to 2,000 stocks and ETFs and provides premade or customizable screeners - or you can create your own.

Traders can access the platform to place, modify and cancel orders directly on the charts using keyboard shortcuts. Furthermore, it offers real-time streaming data which helps them make informed decisions about when to buy or sell stocks.

TradeStation stands out with its extensive educational resources and training options, especially on affiliate site YouCanTrade. There you'll find in-depth education materials as well as events tailored to traders like seminars with experienced coaches.

Another notable benefit is its fully-paid stock lending program, which allows you to borrow stocks to invest in. It will pay you 25% of the interest on your loans, potentially increasing your returns significantly.

This software offers various charting options, such as candlestick, bar and line graphs. Additionally, it has an automated strategy tool and simulated trading tool to test investment strategies without risking any of your own funds.

Indicators are an integral component of any trading strategy and can help you accurately forecast market direction, make entry and exit decisions, as well as whether to trade or not. Most brokers offer both free and paid indicators; however, it's always beneficial to find one that best fits your style of trading.

A reliable indicator can assist you in trading more successfully and increasing your earnings as a trader. It could even serve as an aid in avoiding impulsive moves and staying on trend.

Some of the most useful indicators are those coded with mathematical formulas, designed to give clear and precise signals. They tend to be simpler to use than their mechanical counterparts and can save a considerable amount of time when deciding whether to buy or sell securities.