How to open Deriv demo account

It's hassle-free to open Deriv demo account. You could opt to set up your account online or install an app that's suitable for your device. If using the platform online;

  1. Find the Sign Up page on Deriv's homepage.
  2. The system will ask you to provide your email. Insert the details and check the box provided to accept the terms.
  3. Press “create a demo account.” You could also sign up using the details stored in your social media, Apple, or Google account. You'll be sent a verification link on the email you used.
  4. Confirm your email and continue with the registration process.

Deriv demo account is also accessible offline using mobile and desktop apps. Here's how to go about setting up your demo profile:


Open from any browser and find an app that suits your device. The company has a desktop and mobile app for macOS, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Android. So whether you use a laptop, desktop, or handheld device, you should find an app that suits your device. Mobile applications are also available on Appstore and Playstore. Run the executable file on your device and follow the installation prompts.

Sign up/sign in

Launch the app on your device and you'll see a sign-up portal. Provide your email ID and implement the steps. The system sends you an email link to verify your email ID. Click this link and follow the guidelines to complete the profile setup.

Get started

Once through, the system will open your dashboard. Here, you can compare accounts, study the available trading assets, and choose a terminal of your choice. When you click an account, you'll see the features it offers. Deriv has 5 portals: Binary Bot, SmartTrader, DBot, Deriv Go, and DTrader. You can explore all these terminals at no cost thanks to the demo profiles.

When you are ready to use an account, just load some funds and start predicting instruments to earn cash.

About Deriv Demo Account

Deriv Demo avails a powerful opportunity for any trader who wants to test some strategies prior to implementing them on their funded account. It's also a reasonable starting point for novices in trading since it comes with free cash and trading tools to help the users learn the broker's software and the market trends, and practice trade tactics at no risk. It simulates a live account thus making it easier to use the same strategies once you go live.


What are the main benefits of Deriv Demo account?

How to withdraw money from a demo account in Deriv?

It's impossible to cash out the amount in a demo profile, whether in Deriv or any other forex trade provider. That's because a demo doesn't hold real money. The cash you find there is just for practice and to help you learn how the system works risk-free.

How do you trade on a Deriv demo account?

The first step to using the Deriv demo is creating your profile and picking an account. Your choice depends on what you wish to trade, whether it's CFDs, cryptocurrencies, indices or so. Also, look at the different servers on Deriv and choose what tickles your fancy. The good news is that you can experiment with different terminals and instruments before you start investing real money.

Does Deriv charge to open a demo account?

Yes. Just create a profile on Deriv and choose a trial version of an account on any terminal of your choice. You will trade with virtual cash. You don't have to pay a penny to use Deriv in trial mode.

How to use Deriv demo account?

As we've said earlier, a demo profile is the best way to learn Deriv's system and experiment with unique strategies. You gain access to the charting features, the various accounts, and Deriv's multi-platforms. Pick a server and an account you prefer to learn how to trade the various assets this broker offers.