Deriv Funding

Derivatives are financial contracts whose value depends on underlying market factors such as interest rates, currency exchange rates and commodity, credit and equity prices.

They can be used for risk management (hedges) or speculation (financial bets). Derivatives can also be bought and sold on over-the-counter markets, referred to as OTC derivatives.

Deposit and withdraw easily

Deriv offers a wide range of funding methods. These include Bank Wire transfers, Credit and Debit Cards, EWallets, and Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. The funding method that you choose depends on your personal preference and needs.

A credit card is an excellent choice if you are looking for quick deposit processing and a low minimum deposit requirement. However, you must remember that interest rates and fees may apply to your deposits.

When you want to make a deposit with a credit card, it is best to check the terms and conditions of your bank. You must also ensure that you have enough funds to cover the deposit amount.

Similarly, when using an e-wallet, you should be sure that the service you choose accepts your preferred currency. Otherwise, your deposit might be rejected.

Payment agents are also another option for a fast and reliable way to fund your Deriv account. These agents are located in different parts of the world and work with local banks to fund accounts. In addition, they also help you withdraw your funds from the local bank.

Once you have found a payment agent, contact them to discuss the fee structure and payment methods that they offer. You should also provide the payment agent with your name, cr number and proof of payment. This will allow the payment agent to verify that the transfer is being made to your account and that the funds are reflected instantly in your account.

Withdrawals are also quick and easy with payment agents. They usually take less than a day to process, though you should check with your bank and money transfer service for the exact timing of your request.

When you need to deposit or withdraw funds in a different currency, it is vital that you ensure that there are no conversion costs and that your banking institution waives transaction fees. This will save you a lot of time and hassle when transferring your funds to or from a Deriv account.

Deriv supports more than 40 fiat currencies and 10 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, THB, and IDR. You can also use a variety of other e-wallets to fund your account, such as Paybis, Revolut, Exmo and Skrill.

Payments simplified

The latest and greatest in payments technology is at the heart of a modern financial institution. In particular, the e-wallet has revolutionised the way we shop for goods and services and the resulting customer experience is one of the highlights of this new chapter in our history. Traders can take advantage of the most up to date technology via desktop, mobile or tablet based solutions. A top notch customer service department ensures that every transaction is a pleasant one. The benefits of a solid, if not seamless customer experience are countless and include the best possible shopping experience for customers, improved productivity and enhanced security.

Fast and reliable way to deposit funds

Depositing funds is one of the most important tasks for managing your money. Whether you need to cover a pending payment or emergency expense, a deposit can be the difference between having the cash you need and waiting until the next business day.

Banks generally have guidelines on when deposits will be processed and available to you. Cash deposits are usually available immediately, while checks and other items need verification to protect you from fraud or other issues. ATMs may be convenient, but the funds you deposit at an ATM may not be immediately available in your account if the bank places a hold on them.

Some banks also offer services to make deposited funds available sooner, like Fast Funds at TD Bank. For a fee, it gives you instant access to eligible check deposits* and can help you cover a pending bill or pay an unexpected expense before the next business day. Our online and mobile tools can also help you keep track of your funds and determine your balance at any time.

Easy to use

Derivative funding can be a smart way to use your funds more effectively while also limiting your risk. For example, a derivative contract that allows you to swap cash flows with another party can be useful in hedging your interest rate risks. For example, if you have a debt that pays a high interest rate but the economy is improving, you may want to swap your payment with the counterparty to get a higher interest rate and pay them back at a later date. This type of transaction is typically available from a wide variety of providers. It is important to read the fine print carefully, as there are often terms and conditions attached.