Deriv Kenya Review

Deriv is an online trading platform available 24/7 with a wide selection of derivatives. It offers a number of trading options for both new and experienced traders.

The broker is licensed and regulated in multiple jurisdictions, including the EU. It is required, by the regulatory bodies it trades with, to keep client funds separate from its own and protect them in the event of insolvency.

Online trading platform

Deriv kenya’s online trading platform is available 24/7 with a wide selection of derivatives including forex, stocks & indices, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. The platform offers unique trade types and access to high-level analytical tools.

The platform is available in multiple languages and currencies and enables traders to trade from their PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Traders can also view their accounts, orders, and wallet balances via the online platform.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or a newcomer, the Deriv MT5 platform is a great place to start. The platform is designed to make the experience of trading forex, stocks & indices, and cryptocurrencies even easier. The company also provides a wide range of tools and resources to help traders succeed.

As an international broker, Deriv kenya offers clients access to an extensive range of financial products and services. The company is regulated by a number of financial bodies, which require it to keep client funds separate from its own. This way, client funds are protected in the event of an insolvency.

Additionally, Deriv offers traders a number of automated trading solutions. These can be used to analyse tens of thousands of underlying assets in microseconds. These solutions can be a great way to increase profits in the financial markets.

However, traders should be aware that these solutions are not guaranteed to be successful and can lead to losses. They also may require a large initial deposit to open an account.

If you’re looking for an international forex broker that accepts traders from your country, check with a few providers first before selecting one. You should look for a broker that is licensed in your country, has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, and segregates client funds from its own. You should also consider whether the firm offers a demo account and allows you to practice before risking real money.


MT5 is an advanced trading platform that is free to use and can be downloaded on any device, including mobiles, PCs, and tablets. It supports forex and CFDs trading and offers several advanced features. It is a popular choice among traders because of its flexibility and ease of use.

Traders can open and close orders in the terminal window using a simple mouse click. They can also set stop-loss and take-profit levels in a single click. Moreover, they can add or remove indicators in just a few clicks.

Another advantage of MT5 is its hedging and netting functions. These features help to reduce your risk of losing money. In addition, they can also save you a lot of time and effort.

Deriv MT5 is an advanced trading platform that can be used to trade forex and CFDs on multiple asset classes. It is a powerful and easy-to-use trading tool that allows traders to trade in real time and leverage up to 1000:1 on different asset classes.

It also has a multithreaded strategy tester that helps traders to test and optimize their strategies. In addition, it offers embedded community chat and fund transfer between different accounts.

MT5 offers an advanced charting system with 38 technical and 39 graphical indicators, which can be used for price analysis and forecasting. It also has a depth of market feature that shows the best bids and offers for a particular asset. This helps to make accurate trades, and can also predict future prices with minimal deviation.

Traders can also create their own custom indicators and use them to analyze markets. They can also use the Renko bar indicator to generate a Renko chart, which draws bars in blocks of varying duration and length.


CFDs, or ‘contracts for difference’, allow traders to profit from the rising and falling prices of currencies, shares, indices and commodities without owning the assets. This type of trading is very popular, and it’s a great way to make money without the need to own physical stock.

Deriv is a broker with a strong reputation for providing a comprehensive range of trading platforms and services. It has offices in 13 countries and employs over 850 staff.

The company offers several products, including Forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Its CFD trading platform, FXPesa, is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya.

This platform also offers free educational resources and webinars. Investors can sign up to webinars from the client portal, as well as receive PDF help guides and tutorials.

Traders can place short or long orders, and there’s no limit to the size of the position. They can also sell their position at a later date, or roll over the contract into another one.

However, traders should note that they cannot invest in CFDs without proper knowledge of the underlying shares or commodities. Moreover, it is important to understand how the derivative contract is quoted.

You can enter into a CFD trade on any of the markets that the CFD provider offers. The number of CFDs you purchase is usually the equivalent of one share. This makes it more similar to buying stocks than other financial derivatives like options.

There may be a commission or financing charge when you buy a CFD, and it may affect your total profit and loss. You may also be required to meet margin requirements and account adjustments. You should know these before you start trading.

Spread betting

Spread betting is a type of financial trading that allows traders to gain profits by speculating on the price movements of different kinds of assets. These include currency pairs, forex, indices, shares, commodities, treasuries, and cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to spread betting, there are a few things that you should know. One of them is that you should only invest a small amount of money at first to avoid having big losses. It is also important to find a broker with good customer support, which can be a big plus for you.

Another thing to know about spread betting is that it involves leverage, which can increase your risks. You can also limit your risk by using stop loss orders.

In addition, you should choose a spread betting broker that is regulated by the FCA and BaFin. You should also check their fees and platforms. You can also find out if they offer customer service through email or live chat.

The most important aspect when it comes to spread betting is safety. A safe spread betting broker must have a strong customer support system and a good platform. It should be able to help you with all your queries without requiring you to pay a lot of money.

Another aspect to consider is the financing charges, which are usually charged to the spread bettor on a daily basis. These charges are similar to margin loan interest charges but are based on the notional position value rather than on the actual trade. They are typically charged as the end-of-day notional position value times the interest rate divided by 365 (some brokers use a different denominator for some instruments, like U.S. stocks).

P2P trading

P2P trading refers to transactions between individuals without the involvement of a central authority. This is a more secure and less costly way to buy or sell crypto coins than using centralized exchanges.

The best P2P exchanges are usually free to use and offer many different payment methods. They also offer escrow services to hold your funds until you meet the terms of your transaction. They typically charge lower fees than centralized exchanges, and most offer better exchange rates and higher liquidity.

Another advantage of P2P trading is that it is more accessible for users in underbanked regions. These platforms don’t require a bank account and can be used with just a smartphone. However, because P2P platforms don’t have an intermediary to match buyers and sellers, trades can take longer than they would on a centralized exchange.

Moreover, there are a number of scams that can occur on P2P platforms, so it’s important to conduct your research before interacting with other traders. If you’re unsure about a seller, you can check their reputation on the site or contact a financial institution for more information.

In addition to crypto transactions, P2P exchanges are growing in popularity with other markets, including invoice and energy trading. These markets are expanding rapidly and new blockchain solutions and regulatory frameworks are being developed to support them.

Binance is one of the most popular P2P exchanges in Kenya and is currently offering promotions for users. For example, if you make a trade of $5 or more, you can win up to $5 in cash vouchers. You can also earn $5 by posting a trade ad and trading with a minimum of 10 other users during the promotion period.