Deriv Step Index Review

Synthetic indices are trading instruments that replicate the behavior of markets. They possess constant volatility, regular generation intervals and aren't affected by real-world events such as natural disasters.

Deriv's random number generator uses cryptographically secure random numbers that undergo regular auditing to guarantee fairness. We do not manipulate these indices in any way - this would be illegal and unfair to traders.

They are backed by a cryptographical secure random number generator

Random Number Generator (RNG) is a cryptographically secure primitive used for creating encryption keys and secret data. It finds widespread applications such as digital payments, online authentication and instant messaging.

Deriv's proprietary synthetics are supported by a cryptographically secure random number generator, providing 24/7 accessibility without being affected by regular market hours, global events or asset risks. Furthermore, they undergo auditing by an independent third party for fairness so traders can rest assured they aren't being manipulated.

Deriv offers traders access to over 50 markets for trading on its proprietary synthetic indices. They are an attractive trading instrument for both novice and more experienced investors alike.

On Deriv's MT5 Derived account, traders have the opportunity to trade synthetic indices with leverage up to 1000:1. The minimum trade size varies for each index but starts at 0.001 lots.

Start trading these indices with as little as $5 and leverage increases as you increase your risk appetite. It's an excellent way to diversify your trading portfolio.

In addition to these indices, Deriv offers volatility indexes based on the S&P 500 that have lower volatility than their real-life counterpart. These indices are ideal for investors who prefer a less volatile market environment.

Deriv offers a selection of synthetic indices, such as Crash Boom Indices. These model sudden spikes in asset prices and can be accessed on both MT5 Derived and Deriv X Synthetic accounts in either Crash 500 or 1000 versions. Furthermore, there's the Step Index with an equal probability for going up or down with each step.

They are available to trade 24/7

Deriv's proprietary synthetics mimic real-world market movements and are secure by a cryptographically secure random number generator. These indices are open for trading 24/7, independent of regular market hours, global events or liquidity risks, and they have the flexibility to adjust their volatility levels according to traders' risk appetites.

Indexes can be traded through CFDs, with transparent and competitive spreads. Furthermore, traders have the added benefit of floating spreads which adjust according to market conditions. These features make trading in volatile markets much simpler.

These indices can help you manage your risks and maximize profits. For instance, using a multiplier (which limits losses to just the cost of the contract) or digital options (where you maximize profit while limiting risk to price movement) are two effective tools for this purpose.

Another advantage of trading synthetic indices is their availability in multiple currencies. This provides you with a wider range of trading possibilities and helps diversify your portfolio.

Commodity futures (CFDs) offer a way to invest in commodities like gold and silver with high volatility. CFDs can be an excellent way to diversify your trading portfolio.

Forex traders will find plenty of choice with Deriv, offering over 50 major, minor and exotic currency pairs to trade from. Plus they offer competitive spreads on these currencies with leverage levels up to 1:1000!

The broker is licensed by multiple financial regulatory authorities, and its customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat or email. Furthermore, there's an extensive help center and community to answer your queries.

Deriv offers an expansive selection of asset classes and trading platforms, making it suitable for both novices and experienced investors. Furthermore, Deriv provides a robust set of tools and services designed to help maximize profits.

The platform also provides a free demo account for new clients, which is credited with $10,000 worth of virtual funds to let you test out its various trading platforms. This feature enables you to refine your strategy and tactics before trading with actual funds.

They are regulated

Deriv is an industry leading broker and top notch liquidity provider, making them an excellent company to trade with. They offer a comprehensive selection of trading platforms and innovative products tailored to individual traders, making them unique as the only online forex broker offering CFDs and crypto trading. Their customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer all your trading queries. Newbies to online trading will be pleased to know there's no minimum deposit needed to open an account - plus your first trade will be free! For more information visit their website or contact them via WhatsApp +2349068154090. We hope to see you soon!