The Deriv Web Terminal

Deriv is an international broker that provides access to various financial markets and trading instruments. Its trading costs are competitive, while its non-trading fees are low as well.

Deriv provides traders with access to Forex assets, stocks, indices (including synthetic ones), CFDs and commodities. It offers various deposit and withdrawal methods like credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and crypto.

Add a Deriv MT5 demo account

Deriv MT5 demo accounts offer traders the ideal platform to test their strategies and learn about the trading platform without risking personal funds. This can be especially advantageous for new traders who want to get acquainted with the interface of the broker and what services it has to offer before investing any real funds.

Deriv MT5 accounts offer traders the opportunity to practice forex trading or explore other offerings from the company, such as binary options. Furthermore, traders can learn how to better manage their capital and trade positions through various tools provided by Deriv.

When you sign up for a Deriv MT5 account, you will be granted $10 000 in virtual funds to practice forex trading with. After verifying your email and setting a password, this account allows you to practice trading without risking any real money.

MT5 trading software is accessible for both mobile and desktop users. The web version of the platform offers more functionality than its mobile app counterpart, making it ideal for those who like to stay active while trading.

Once registered for a Deriv MT5 account, clients have three distinct trading accounts to choose from: Financial (designed specifically for forex and cryptocurrency trading), which offers higher leverage so you can place larger trades with lower margin requirements.

Clients can open a financial STP account which offers lower leverage but gives them more control over their positions. Alternatively, they may open a synthetic indices account with similar features to the financial account but more customized trading charts.

Once you've chosen an account to trade on, it is necessary to fund it with your desired base currency. Be mindful that once a deposit has been made, there will not be any ability to change this setting afterward. You can fund your Deriv MT5 account through payment agents, dp2p or other local payment methods; just remember which currency it starts in!

Deriv MT5 trading platform offers many advanced features that make it ideal for both novices and experts alike. With an array of analytical tools, Deriv MT5 can save time and money by helping you make informed decisions on trades.

Choose what you want to trade

Deriv's web terminal provides an extensive array of features and tools, making it suitable for both novices and experts alike. It is user-friendly with up-to-date technology in a user-friendly interface, being compatible with multiple devices and platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

For forex traders, the web terminal is an ideal option as it enables them to trade while on-the-go using mobile devices. Furthermore, it boasts a host of useful features that enable you to monitor your trades and make informed decisions.

To get started with Deriv, log in using the web interface. This will give you access to your trading tools and accounts as well as live feeds. You may need to activate some settings before using the web terminal.

First, select your base currency. This will be the primary funding source for your account, so make sure to choose carefully. After selecting your base currency, the deriv web terminal will ask for verification of your details. Doing so allows you to trade and withdraw real money from your account.

Selecting a trade platform is paramount to any trading strategy. Deriv offers several platforms, each tailored towards a different purpose and with distinct trading conditions. The ideal option for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Practise trading

Deriv provides two methods for honing your trading skills. You can either use their mobile app, or trade through your web browser on desktop or laptop computer. The mobile app is especially handy if you're on-the-go or don't have internet access at home. While the desktop application has more features, it remains user friendly.

The mobile app offers all the usual features - live streaming news, charting, trading and order management. Plus it has some unique additions like a demo account, live chat and virtual trading room.

It also features an impressive video tutorial section. Here, you can watch in-platform videos to learn how to trade, which is particularly helpful if you're just getting started! Furthermore, with the mobile app, you can quickly and conveniently place orders while on-the-go!

The most remarkable feature is its accessibility - available from any device and free! It truly stands as one of the most user-friendly online forex brokers available.

The company has a long-standing history and multiple licenses across several countries, such as Malta, Isle of Man, Malaysia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, BVI and Jersey. Within the EU they operate under Deriv Investments (Europe) Limited - holders of an active Forex broker license. Their selection of FX trading platforms includes MetaTrader 5, Dbot and SmartTrader; their latest incarnation - Deriv XM - being one of the biggest on the market and an exciting contender to become world's biggest online broker.

Access your account

Deriv's web terminal allows traders to trade on their accounts from any device with a browser, including mobiles and desktop computers. It also gives access to trading accounts through the MT5 and X platforms. In order to use the terminal, you will need an active Deriv account along with its login ID and password.

After signing up, you'll receive an email with a verification link. Clicking it will take you to the Deriv website where you can enter your details and set a password quickly and easily. This simple process will get you started with your demo account in no time!

Once signed up, you can deposit and withdraw funds from your account through online banking, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets. To replenish your account with funds, all that's necessary is a valid credit card or bank account number along with some personal details.

Traders can utilize the Deriv MT5 terminal for trading various assets and currencies, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and options. The leverage on the Deriv MT5 platform can reach up to 1:1,000 while that of DMT5 Synthetic or Financial STP platforms is 1:10.

To make account management simpler, the platform offers various calculators. These can help determine the margin required for opening positions and swap fees. They may even assist in deciding whether to buy or sell a particular security.

When signing up, you'll be asked to select a base currency for your account. This will be the one used when depositing, trading and withdrawing funds. Selecting the correct one is essential as it will be used in assessing any withdrawal requests made by you.

To safeguard your personal data, you can enable two-factor authentication and set a password for the terminal. Doing this each time you log in will prevent hackers from accessing your account. If you would prefer not to enable this option, simply disable it in settings.