How to Withdraw Money From a Deriv Account

If you have made significant profits trading on Deriv, you may wish to withdraw some of the funds from your trading account. Unfortunately, withdrawing funds from a trading account can be quite challenging.

One way to avoid this is by using a payment agent. Fortunately, Deriv has an extensive list of agents in your country.

Deposit and withdraw easi

Once you've created a deriv account, secure and fast money transfers can be used to deposit and withdraw money from it securely and quickly. These tend to be less costly than direct bank transfers from your account. Whether sending funds overseas to friends and family or using them for home purchases, the possibilities are endless. When selecting which method best suits your needs, consider speed, cost, security and destination of transfers before settling on one.

For instance, Xoom is a PayPal service that specializes in fast international money transfers - typically arriving within minutes. You can send up to $100,000 with them and pay with either your PayPal or bank account. Furthermore, they partner with many major banks overseas so that money can be sent for cash pickup or mobile phone reloads. Xoom provides this secure, convenient option to send money across more than 160 countries.