Metatrader is probably the most popular trading platform among the brokers today. Deriv allows you to trade on both Metatrader versions MT4 and MT5 depending on your preference.

How to use Deriv on MT5?

To download MT5 on Windows, you would have to visit the official website or to download it directly at, download it through their dedicated page. Once the installation file has been downloaded to your system, it is now time to install it.


Sign up/sign in

To log-in for the very first time, choose the option to Open an account or click Cancel and you will be able to log-in using the provided details from Deriv.

Logging in MT5 on Windows

There are a few steps required to set up your account on MT5 and configure the basic settings in order to trade. Before anything else, you would have to login. Deriv clients will receive a welcoming email once they open an account and from there, they will get their credentials.

Get starting

After installing and opening MT5, click on File and navigate to Login to Trade Account

Input your account details, including the username, password and pick the allocated server.

Once done, you will have access to MT5 with your trading account and you will know by the chime that will confirm the process was successful.

To switch between trading accounts, you can access the same File field and pick Login to Trade Account before entering the other trading account’s details. Once you have done that the first time, you will have the option to switch between accounts without logging in via the same path.

How to use Deriv on Mobile and PC

You can trade with Deriv from your mobile or PC. The platform is available for Windows, Mac and Android.

Installation for Android

Sign up/sign in

Enter your MT5 login and password to login to your account. There is an option to save password for easy access every time you want access to your MT5 account.

Get starting

Enjoy your Metatrader 5

If you are doing everything right, you will be logged into your account. From here you can enjoy the Metatrader 5 trading app on your Android Mobile or Tablet!

Installation for iOS

Sign up/sign in

Login to your account

Get starting

If you are doing everything right, you will be logged into your account. From here you can enjoy the Metatrader 5 trading app on your iPhone or iPad!


Can I trade Deriv on mt4?

Yes you can trade with Deriv on either MT4 or MT5

How do I start trading in Deriv?

Download Deriv MT5 to your Desktop, gadget or mobile phone. Create your personal traders account. Practice on a Deriv demo account then make funds deposit and start trading for real money making real profits available for withdrawal.